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Learn About USDA Loans

How to Pre-qualify for a USDA Loan Obtaining a mortgage for a home can prove difficult, especially in areas that are still recovering from, or going through, the economic recession. Instead of constantly enduring anxiety about qualifying for a traditional loan, people can pre-qualify for a USDA Loan. This loan…
100% Financing Home Loans A full 100% financing allows homebuyers to purchase a home with no money down. Most mortgage programs available to people looking to purchase a home require a percentage of the total value or purchase price of the home, to be paid at closing as the total…

$0 Down Payment

Zero Down Payment

A USDA Loan allows the borrower to finance 100% of the home's value and purchase with $0 down. Other loan programs require 5-20% down.

Low Fixed Rates

Low Fixed Interest Rates

You get a 30 year, low interest fixed rate mortgage with zero early prepayment penalty.

Easier to Qualify

USDA Loans are Easier to Qualify

Qualifying requirements for a USDA Home Loans are similar to an FHA loan and requires no Mortgage Insurance.

USDA loans help make home ownership possible for a wider range of people.